Wednesday, 22 February 2012

One step forward.....

The blog has been neglected in favour of using any available time to progress the new novel. I suppose I should be pleased I've managed to avoid a number of distractions (though not all by any means).
As this story is also set on Bute, the research about what happened there during the last war has been very interesting. It's amazing how you think you know a place really well and then when you do some digging you find out all sorts of things.
The story of Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion concerns what happens when the Pavilion is being renovated and among other snippets I discovered that The Canadian Barn Dance, that stalwart of many a Scottish ceilidh, was first performed in the Pavilion,written by a young commando who was training on Bute.
And the Scottish Country dance evenings were so popular the doors had to be closed at 8.30 p.m.
I can now understand why some historical novelists find it so difficult to finish their books!

The Rothesay Pavilion at its busiest during the 'Big Man' event - when everyone turned out!


  1. Fascinating, Myra - didn't know about the Canadian Barn Dance origin! Looking forward to that next book.

  2. The only problem is that the research can be so distracting!

  3. Yes, Myra, writing is a juggling act - why are there only 24 hours in a day? Looking forward to LD@RP!