Saturday, 27 July 2013

Reality in Fiction

My mystery novels are set on the Isle of Bute and I like to mix real places with imaginary ones.
This is partly because Bute has so many interesting and beautiful locations and partly because people who know the island like to be able to imagine themselves there. But I also hope this sense of place makes the plot more alive.
One of my favourite places on the island and one my characters use frequently is the Tearoom at Ettrick Bay. A cafe has stood on this spot for many years and under the present owners is something of a local legend.

Sandy hard at work

Alex pauses for a photo!

The tearoom overlooks the bay and no matter what the weather, or time of year, the views are stunning.

The tearoom has been recently refurbished and you don't often see it empty like this.

My first Bute mystery novel is set at Ettrick Bay and though the Tearoom is real, the house is imaginary, as are the characters.

If you manage to visit, make sure you sample the home baking, especially the meringues!