Monday, 22 August 2011

The Last Ferry to Bute has left

Last Ferry to Bute is now in the hands of the publisher and all being well should be out by the end of September.There's a sense of relief,but also a bit of sadness, at letting a new novel go. Possibly that's because I now have to start on the next one. I have the title Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion and most of the plot. All I have to do now is write it!
But first I have to re-visit The Lost of Paradise which was runner-up for the Constable prize at the S.A.W. in March. With almost 60000 words written,I've promised it will be with my editor by October. However since I haven't looked at it in a while I may have to remind myself about what's happening before I continue.
It would be good if there were 48 hours in each day!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Last Ferry to Bute

I hope you'll agree the cover photo is very atmospheric!

Text proof reading

The text proof of  'Last Ferry to Bute' has arrived. I'd rather not go through it as instead of searching for errors,misspellings and punctuation problems I'm thinking of re-writing chunks of it. If I do that,I'll never finish it. And already the plot of the next one is playing in my head, much of which came to me on my latest trip to the island.
I've come to the conclusion I'm not good at juggling several stories at once if I want to complete any of them.Or is that an excuse for doing less than I should?
At least I'm very happy with the photo for the cover of the book, taken by one of the Bute fishermen very early one December morning (long before I would have been up). I'm really pleased he has allowed me to use it.
Ah well, back to work!