Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another party!

I'm enjoying myself at a virtual party today as Janice Horton launches her new novel -

Some of us attending the event have said we'll put up a photo of our favourite place on our blog.
Here's mine!
Where else could I choose but Bute - on a good day,of course, with warm and sunny weather !
        Unfortunately Bute today is no better than anywhere else in Scotland - wild and windy with rain and      sleet coming in on the south westerly winds - in spite of the promises today would be better.
               Didn't Shelley say something about 'Oh, wild west wind, thou breath of Autumn's being'?I guess the seasons are now so mixed up no one knows where one begins and the other ends. 
I'm so pleased that at least I have these photos to remind me of summer days on the island.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Back to Reality?

By dint of ignoring everything except writing I managed to complete 50020 words for NaNoWriMo by the evening of Monday 28th November.
The dust was inches thick, the washing piled up and the fridge, like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, was bare, but the new Bute novel is well on its way. Lots to do, including at least another 25000 words, but I'm feeling reasonably happy about the plot and the characters. Now it has to be put on ice for a while.
Meanwhile there are entries to be written for the SAW conference, short stories to be tidied up and my neglected diary to fill in.
Oh... and the small matter of Christmas!