Sunday, 3 February 2013


Or to be more accurate, book clearing. What to do with all those books with yellowing pages,years out of date,that have somehow crept on to the bookshelves. None, alas, are First Editions, rare volumes or sought after authors. And what do I want with Advanced Accounts (1952) or Pelmanism (in six volumes)?
Most of them would be rejected by Charity shops,even the most desperate, because while they would take up shelf space, they wouldn't bring in cash.
All suggestions welcome!

And on another topic, Gwen Kirkwood (  has kindly given a Blogger's Award to me on the understanding I provide some pieces of information about myself that you might not know.

I was born in a castle
I can't ride a bike
I've never eaten any kind of shellfish (and don't intend to)
I became an Indie author entirely by accident (more of that in another blog).
I've never learned to swim (though there is a photo of me somewhere making a brave attempt.)
Apart from writing, my main interest is family history

Thank you,Gwen!