Monday, 31 October 2011

Last Ferry to Bute book signing

The book signing event in Rothesay went really well in spite of it being a blustery,wet day and at one stage I was holding my breath in case I would sell out. Just made it with a few to spare-whew!One buyer wanted 5 copies for Christmas presents which was interesting. I had thought it would be best to sell in the Spring/summer as there are so many books on the market for Christmas but it appears that isn't the case.

A big thank you to everyone who came along and who helped with the publicity. And while selling copies is good,nothing beats a buyer saying 'I loved your last book and have been looking forward to this one.'

The whole business of marketing your own books is a strange one and there are some people out there who have had a lot more experience than I have had. You must be prepared to tell people how good you think the latest one is and most of us are writers rather than promoters. Still,it's all part of the brave new world,I suppose!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Signing event!

Looking forward to the signing event at the Print Point in Rothesay on Saturday morning. The Print Point staff are always so helpful and it's great to meet readers.

I've also signed up for NANOWRIMO and hope to be able to keep to the promise to write a novel (well,50000 words of one) during the month of November.I have an idea in mind for the next Bute novel and want to use the time to do that.
I'll be posting progress (or lack of it) on my blog!
I know others locally who have signed up so there will be a bit of mutual support.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Last Ferry to Bute has arrived!

Copies of my new Bute novel 'Last Ferry to Bute' have arrived and I've been busy arranging a book signing at the Print Point bookshop in Rothesay for the 29th October... and trying to sort out copies for the various outlets,so it's been a frantic few days.

I'm pleased with the cover,as it's exactly the image I hope to convey for this novel and am grateful to Richard Home for his permission to use his photos of the Bute ferry. Mine are not up to this standard, I'm afraid!

The blurb on the back cover reads:

Something strange is going on at the Hereuse Nursing home on the Isle of Bute. One of the residents, Jessie McAdam, thinks her life is in danger. Alison Cameron, who is reluctantly arranging a college reunion on the island, agrees to find out what is causing her mother’s old friend, Jessie, such concern. Before long Alison finds herself involved in a series of mysterious deaths. Meanwhile Alison’s daughter, Deborah, has started a new job at the Regius Gallery, owned by an antiques dealer whose activities are suspicious. Can Alison find out what is happening before it’s too late?

I have managed to finish and to send the next novel (which has nothing to do with Bute) to my editor. A breathing space would be good,especially as some of the entries for the Scottish Association of Writers' conference in March 2012 have to be in by the end of November.
I envy those writers who can work on several projects concurrently -I'm afraid I might mix up the characters and have them straying from one novel to the other.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thank you!

Delighted to receive the Friendly Blogger award from Rosemary Gemmell! And to be in such good company.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rosemary's book launch

Last night Rosemary Gemmell (in her guise as Romy Gemmell) launched her Regency novel 'Dangerous Deceit' at the MacLean museum in Greenock,well supported by friends, family and fans! Of course many of her fans are virtual as Rosemary's publisher is Canadian and she speaks to a world wide audience through her blogs.
We had a lot of fun, not least because Rosemary had dressed in Regency costume and gave us some inside information on what the well dressed lady would wear then.
Here's to the next one!

Rosemary in her Regency costume