Thursday, 27 October 2011

Signing event!

Looking forward to the signing event at the Print Point in Rothesay on Saturday morning. The Print Point staff are always so helpful and it's great to meet readers.

I've also signed up for NANOWRIMO and hope to be able to keep to the promise to write a novel (well,50000 words of one) during the month of November.I have an idea in mind for the next Bute novel and want to use the time to do that.
I'll be posting progress (or lack of it) on my blog!
I know others locally who have signed up so there will be a bit of mutual support.


  1. Have a wonderful launch, Myra - I'm sure it will go with a swing!

    Looking forward to struggling through NaNo with you!

  2. Hope you have a sore hand with all the signing you'll be doing, Myra!

    I'm planning to try NaNo this year too - it'll be good to have company.