Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back to Work

After the great chat and excellent events at the Scottish Association of Writers conference last weekend it's most certainly back to work this weekend.
Everyone who was there enjoyed this action packed weekend and the three days of 'writing talk' was stimulating and thought provoking.
But of course it's easy to talk about writing and not so easy to settle down to doing it, in spite of all the good ideas I came away with. Conferences like the S.A.W. are a great boost for those of us who spend a lot of time closeted with imaginary friends - it's good to meet some real ones!
I was fortunate to receive several 'honourable mentions' including winning the Book Review trophy and the prizes were presented by Alanna Knight who always makes you feel special.
And there were many winners among friends at Writers Scotland and Erskine Writers -congratulations to everyone.
The photos below are by Chris Longmuir -you can tell I had nothing to do with them because none of the heads are cut off! You can find out more about Chris at her website  -she writes great fiction as well as being a very able photographer!

                 Receiving the Book Review prize from Alanna
                               The happy prizewinners!

Now to find out what the bearded man in Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion has been up to in my absence.


  1. Well done again, Myra! It was a great weekend but it's good to get back to work. And I still want to know what that bearded man has to do with anything!

  2. I'm working on him,Rosemary,but he's very elusive!

  3. The photos are lovely, Myra and Chris and you do seem to have had a very successful and happy weekend. I am almost wishing I had been there too.

  4. Congratulations once again, Myra. I hope that bearded man has not gone out of control!

  5. Congratulations on your wins, Myra. It was a really enjoyable weekend

  6. We did miss all of our WS friends who couldn't attend. There's always next year....