Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bute in winter

January in Bute but this year the snow hasn't (yet) appeared. There's no more than a dusting on the hills.
Rothesay is quiet and it will be a long time till the summer visitors appear. Of course there are all kinds of activities that take place in winter and those who live on the island have plenty to choose from, but to the casual visitor the whole island seems asleep.
 Here's a reminder of  the weather on Bute last winter. It may have been cold,but it was lovely to look at.

I think I preferred the snow rather than the incessant rain and wind. The ferries have been off much more than I ever remember and the option of going round by the Rest and Be Thankful road doesn't appeal. It didn't acquire that name by chance!


  1. I love winter photos and it must be lovely on the island in a different way.

  2. Lovely pic, Myra. Bute in hibernation?

  3. ...yes, it's lovely to look at!