Sunday, 5 February 2012

A BIG thank you!

Thanks to everyone who commented on Rosemary's interview with me,either here or on the blog:

It's been great experience and very spite of what Alison had to say!
Last Ferry to Bute and The House at Ettrick Bay are now both available on Kindle,assuming there are no gremlins in the system. The 'special price' of £1.90 will be available all through February.

Something strange is going on at the Hereuse Nursing home on the Isle of Bute. One of the residents, Jessie McAdam, thinks her life is in danger. Alison Cameron, who is reluctantly arranging a college reunion on the island, agrees to find out what is causing her mother’s old friend, Jessie, such concern. Before long Alison finds herself involved in a series of mysterious deaths. Meanwhile Alison’s daughter, Deborah, has started a new job at the Regius Gallery, owned by an antiques dealer whose activities are suspicious. Can Alison find out what is happening before it’s too late?

                                                      THE HOUSE AT ETTRICK BAY

                                       When her friend Susie inherits a house on the island of Bute,
                                       Alison Cameron finds her decision to help involves her in a
                                       series of increasingly frightening 'accidents'.
                                       An archaeological excavation near the house leads to an exciting
                                       discovery, one which means Susie may have to change her plans.
                                       When the next 'accident' turns out to be murder, Alison knows she
                                       and Susie are in danger. There are people on the island who have
                                       an interest in Ettrick House - could one of them be willing to kill?

Back to the new Bute novel and keeping Alison in check!


  1. Enjoyed reading your interview on my Mum's blog, Myra. I've downloaded your book onto my kindle - not started it yet!

  2. I really enjoyed both books, Myra. Can't wait for the next one.