Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Vikings are back!

On a day of glorious sunshine the Vikings returned last Saturday to Rothesay Castle. This time the islanders welcomed them as part of a weekend conference and fun day organised by Discover Bute.
This free event, with demonstrations of age old crafts, attracted people from Bute and beyond and provided entertainment for adults and children alike, especially as so many of the helpers were in costume.
The photos below give you some idea of the variety of the attractions, but for more photos go to


Some of the fair damsels

A young knight
A fiercesome warrior

...and another one

The Vikings fight to the death...over a melon!

Woodworking for beginners

Or perhaps basket making?

A coracle in case the ferry isn't running

..and instructions on how to make one!

Not forgetting the techniques of spinning.

The flag of the Stewarts at the time of the first Vikings!

And meanwhile the swans (and their ten cygnets) swim in the castle moat.


  1. What a great day out, Myra - the photos are super. And it wasn't raining! Brings back lovely memories of Rothesay Castle and the swans.

  2. Yes, Rosemary -we were so lucky with the weather. Sunday was awful!

  3. Looks like an exciting day out, Myra. Lots of fun, so colourful - with some history thrown in! You got the best of the weekend weather too.