Thursday, 7 June 2012

What's in a cover?

Shakespeare's Juliet might have wondered 'What's in a name?' but for many writers one of the current preoccupations is the book cover.
It used to be so simple,but with the rise of indie publishing it's one more decision for the writer to agonise over. And that's before you even consider what the cover of your book might look like on Kindle as it struggles against the thousands of others in the same category. Do you use a photo? (I don't have that level of skill). Or have someone design it for you? (I certainly couldn't do it myself).
Where should the title go? And what about the font size for the author's name? Large size looks too boastful,too small and no one notices you.
Even authors with 'traditional' publishers are not immune. Some authors wait with bated breath to see what their publisher has decided on, worrying in case the book cover won't quite convey the content of the book accurately.
For 'Last Dance at the Rothesay Pavilion' I was lucky to have Mandy Sinclair who has designed several covers for Erskine Writers.( I wanted something with a strong Art Deco flavour and was so pleased with the result.

Perhaps the answer is to find someone you have confidence in.


  1. Myra, congratulations on this publication. The cover is absolutely fantastic. I really like the Art Deco feel and I always love black and white designs. It's perfect and makes me want to read it very much.

    1. Thank you,Joanna. Yes, I love Art Deco in all its forms.

  2. This looks great, Myra. Very bold and striking and very Art Deco!

  3. Brilliant cover, Myra. Arresting (no pun intended) - which should bring you lots of new readers to join your existing fans of this crime series.

  4. I'm so pleased I asked Mandy to do this -she has a great skill in interpreting what you want. In addition she's easy to work with and very quick!

  5. A book shop manager who talked to our writers' group some time ago said that the size of lettering of the author's name indicated how successful they were. When you start out being published the lettering is smaller, but as the writer becomes more popular, the bigger it gets. Check out some famous authors on Amazon and you'll see what I mean. Maybe we should all use large letters for our names, might make a bigger impact!

  6. It is a striking and dramatic cover, Myra and I'm sure it will stand out beautifully - which is what you want - what we all need. I have agonised over covers. Mostly they look fine on the jpeg then the title or name does not show clearly on Amazon. Well done.

  7. Thanks for that tip,Chris.I'll remember it for the next one!
    And yes,Gwen,I have also agonised over covers,but having found Mandy I think I'll keep with her.I trust her judgement which is very important I think,especially for an indie author.

  8. Mandy has done a great job, Myra - but you also came up with the great idea!

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product now.