Tuesday, 1 November 2011


A tall order,but I'm going to try it! I also hope to keep a daily record of what I manage to achieve,painful as that might be.
Will I have time for anything else? Probably not.

TUESDAY 1st November

Had to squeeze in the start of the novel between a trip to the dentist this morning and an afternoon at my writers' group,Erskine Writers.
I managed to write 1,820 words (every word counts in this task) but it was comparatively easy as I already had some ideas in mind and it was only a matter of getting them from my head and on to the computer.
I've decided to use the month to write the third Bute novel. I had always intended to write a trilogy -at least- and hopefully this will give me the motivation to get the bones of it together.
It's the same cast of characters as in my last Bute novels -Alison Cameron and her family and various friends.
Only now Alison has decided she's had enough of teaching and has set herself up as a non-fiction writer, with her first conmmission to write a history of the Pavilion in Rothesay which is undergoing refurbishment. Stand by for a few dead bodies, though at this stage I have as little knowledge of what will happen as Alison does.
Tomorrow,as they say, is another day!

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