Monday, 7 November 2011

The going gets tough!

Made 1128 words today to add to the total but it was pretty difficult! Nothing to do with time available (well, only a bit as I have several other things to write) but more to do with the characters refusing to move on. They appear to want to sit in the library doing nothing useful at all. Perhaps they need a break? Hopefully by tomorrow we'll all be refreshed, after an afternoon doing other things.
Hope a photo of Bute will inspire the characters to take action!


  1. Ha, ha - love the characters being stuck in the library, Myra. My hero and heroine were in his 19th century library (in his house) yesterday!

  2. Keeo going, Myra. The library suggests something out of Cluedo - would a board game help?

  3. Well, they've now managed to get out of the library but they seem to be drinking a lot of wine!