Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saying goodbye to characters

That’s it - the characters in the new novel have departed to reside for a while with the publisher and although I’ll have a chance to see them again when the copies of the book arrive, I feel I’ve said good bye to them. Endgame at Port Bannatyne is the fourth in the Isle of Bute mystery series and the main character, Alison Cameron, features in all of them, but most of the others only come together for one novel. In this mystery, the characters are the cast and the crew of Pelias Productions who are making a film on the island and in spite of the huge egos of some of the cast in particular, I grew rather fond of them. After all, I spent enough time with them. The only consolation is that characters for the next novel have already started to arrive. I hope I’ll have as much fun with them!

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  1. Well done on getting this one away, Myra - it's a good sign that you became so fond of the characters!