Sunday, 15 January 2012


A quiet period of weather, much to be welcomed, especially by the islanders of Bute. The last big storm was bad enough on the mainland but Bute made the national news as it was virtually cut off for three days with no electricity supply.
An exciting time for those who had alternative means of cooking and heating, not so good for those, especially the elderly, who were relying on the electricity supply.
The weather was very unpredictable over Christmas and at one point we thought we might not make it. We did- just- but on the way back the ferry had to go to Gourock as it was too stormy to dock at Weymss Bay. Just a short stretch of water,but when anything goes wrong, the island might as well be on the other side of the world!
However Christmas was as usual well celebrated -even the ferries were decorated, though the view from the window was rather stormy.


  1. It certainly looks dreich and blustery, Myra - I quite like that, as long as I'm indoors and there's no damage!

  2. Yes, Myra, Bute was certainly hard hit by the storm - three days without electricity would certainly bring out the pioneering spirit!