Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Do characters disappear when we're not thinking or writing about them? Or is there some parallel universe where they exist independently?
The latter seems to be more and more likely -how often do writers have to rein in  their characters to make them behave!
And what about those who suddenly appear 'onstage' and have to be very firmly bundled off?
You can tell I'm having trouble and the trouble is with the villain in my new novel who simply won't show any signs of repentance - not at all what I want from him. I'm afraid to leave him on his own in case I come back to find he's caused more problems for the heroine.
The novel is called 'The Lost of Paradise' - a nod to John Milton's  'Paradise Lost' - and I now realise the problem he had when he wrote it. He worried that the Devil was the most attractive character.
What is it about villians?


  1. I think that very often the villains are the best characters, Myra! Don't actors love playing villains too?

  2. I have great trouble evicting characters after the book is completed. They just don't want to leave. as for villains, even my main characters can be villainous, while my villains often have a soft side.