Friday, 26 October 2012

Everyone loves a party!

I'm delighted to take part today in Janice Horton's party to celebrate the launch of her new novella - a real Halloween treat.
Don't miss the opportunity to download this for free today from or from You won't be disappointed.
As part of this fun event, Janice asked us to conjure up a spell. Given the problems this morning, mine should have been one to make sure the internet didn't crash! And I did think of stealing an Anglo Saxon spell or charm - they seemed to have one for every occasion.
In the end, I decided some serious help was required with all the tasks looming between now and Christmas (not least because I've signed up for the 'Write a Novel in a Month' event in November).
So here's my spell for a Christmas pudding - to save me the bother of making one.If it works I'll let you know!
a flurry of snow
a symphony of spices
a crunch of sugar
three clouds of flour
a candy box of peel
a wealth of juicy sultanas and currants
a pinch of love
a blink of sunshine

Mix well with three kisses and a handful of dreams and bake in a warm oven until ready. Eat sparingly, unless it's Christmas Day.

                            A cold Christmas  Day on the Isle of Bute